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              Custom Server Solutions

              Helping Businesses Scale IT Infrastructure with Custom Server and Networking Solutions

              We Design and Manage Complex Custom Hosting Solutions for all Business Needs

              Get the perfect server and hosting solution for your project crafted by our experts that build and manage custom solutions for hundreds of thousands of satisfied hosting clients. Powered by single or dual hig-performance Intel processors with up to 32 cores, lightning-fast SSD or high-capacity HDD storage, custom secure server enhancements and flexible networking options, our expert hosting advisors can curate the best possible experience for your IT needs.

              graph icon

              High Performance

              Leveraging top of the line hardware from partners like Intel and Samsung on our redundant Tier1 network with gigabit uplink available we can meet any resource demands.

              server icon

              Load Balancing

              Distribute the workload of large or complex applications across multiple servers or clusters to optimize resources usage, maximize throughput, minimize response time.

              firewall icon

              PCI Compliance

              Guarantee PCI compliance for your ecommerce website or financial app in our updated facilities with hardware firewall and DDoS protection.

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              Fully Managed Experience

              Take the keys and go command line with full Root Access or leverage our suite of simple server management tools at no extra cost, including fully licensed cPanel and WHM, with our experts available to support them.

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              Mass Website and Data Migration

              Our hosting and data experts can handle your data replication needs and ensure a smooth migration across complex systems with zero downtime.

              sysadmin icon

              No Sys Admin Needed

              Take advantage of our years of expertise crafting and managing server solutions. Our own Professional IT staff and System Administrators will craft, manage, and support your hosting needs 24/7.

              Case Study: The Daily Star

              Most respected Bangladeshi newspaper

              Customer requirements: Handle a minimum of 1,500,000 connections per hour.

              Managed Hosting Solution: Create a web and database cluster. Utilize various server software to decrease page load times.

              Software Used:

              • Varnish caching
              • NGINX web server
              • Apache DSO & mod_ruid2
              • Alternative PHP Cache (APC)

              Web & Database Server w/ Varnish Caching


              A) Varnish Caching increases page delivery by up to 80% compared to non-cached servers.

              B) Commercial Class 2 web server. Server highlights: 24 thread processor, 32GB RAM, SAS 15K RAID-5 drive setup with 512MB NVCache RAID controller.

              C) Commercial Class 1 database server. Server highlights: SAS 15K RAID-1 drive setup with 512MB NVCache RAID controller.

              How It Works

              consult icon


              Chat with one of our expert hosting advisors to help determine the ideal custom build for your website or app.

              pland and build icon

              Plan & Build

              Our System Administrators will hand-craft your custom server and network solutions using top of the line hardware with custom enhancements.

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              Migrate and Test

              Our staff will schedule and execute your data replication needs under fast, secure protocols with zero downtime to your services.

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              Leave the complicated or tedious server and hosting issues to us. Our staff is available 24/7 with Sys Admins available Monday-Friday for all your technical needs.

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              As your digital assets scale we will be right here to make sure your custom solution always meets your needs and make recommendations to keep you at peak performance.

              Save Time and Resources Leveraging our Personal SysAdmin Support

              All custom dedicated server solutions include the personal onboarding and support of our most trusted System Administrators to ensure we curate the perfect hosting experience for your projects. Offload your complex and tedious server and host needs to our IT Professionals so you can get back to what you do best. Covering services ranging from application and website migration, troubleshooting errors and bottlenecks, optimizing complex platforms, and so much more. You have the skill and expertise of our certified SysAdmins with more than 100 years combined experience managing complex hosting environments and platforms such as:

              • CentOS 7
              • Free SSL - AutoSSL, Comodo & other 3rd Party SSLs (Let's Encrypt)
              • CMSs - WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, MediaWiki
              • MySQL, Apache, Apache Tomcat, PHP, Perl, Python, phpBB
              • eCommerce - Magento, OpenCart, PRESTASHOP
              • Caching & HTTP Accelerators - NGINX, Varnish, Memcached, Redis
              • Software Configuration Management (SCM) - Git
              • Control Panels - cPanel, WHM
              • HIDS Security (Host Intrusion Detection) - OSSEC, CSF with LFD
              • Personalized learning environments - Moodle
              • Mail Transfer Agent - Exim
              • Media server - Red5
              • Photo Album Organizer - Gallery

              Solutions for Every Project

              From large corporate website and email needs to complex learning modules and web applications and everything in between, we can create the perfect custom solution for your project.

              server secure icon

              Enterprise Website and Email Hosting

              Downtime can be crippling to any web project, but when your company lives and dies by its web presence and you have employees relying on internal email communication, server or network downtime quickly becomes a costly and damaging road block. We’ve crafted solutions to help enterprises of all sizes thrive with secure data redundancy and unwavering performance on RAID10 SSD storage, robust RAM updgrades, and hardware firewall by Cisco.

              custom application icon

              Custom Application Hosting

              Application hosting requirements can range across the full spectrum of server specifications, operating systems, software stacks, and more. Let our server professionals and Sys Admins determine your specific application needs and craft a solution just for it. Anything from Tomcat deployment, redundant data on RAID1 to secure your data, load balancing across database servers, and backups storage drives for good measure, our team will know your perfect solution.

              ecommerce icon

              eCommerce Hosting

              For growing eCommerce websites, load times and website performance can be just as important as uptime and reliability. Slowing and unresponsive websites convert less on their visitors as they lose confidence in the brand. Stay at peak performance with a custom crafted solution for your website including abundant RAM at up to 512GB per server, gigabit uplink connection for maximum throughput, SSD storage on RAID configuration for blazing speeds, and so much more.

              Our Custom Solutions Are Endless

              If your hosting needs are complex or your simply not sure where to start, have no fear! Our hosting and migration experts can work with you to build the perfect solution and plan your transfer. Let’s talk, we’re available 24/7.

              Our Partners

              • Lenovo
              • Intel
              • Samsung
              • Western Digital
              • CentOS
              • Brocade
              • KernelCare
              • Level3
              • php
              • Apache
              • cPanel
              • Corero
              secure shield

              A Fast, Secure, and Reliable Network

              Our Tier 1 Network provides an ultra-reliable connection to your worldwide visitors

              • 99.999% Network Uptime
              • We manage all the hardware enabling you to focus on growing your business
              • Protection from today’s online attacks with our Corero based Multi-Layer Defense
              • Up to 15 IP Addresses FREE to give your business the advantage of SSL Certification, Private DNS, Email, and FTP services
              • Low server pings worldwide thanks to our Data Center locations near Internet Exchange Points at Washington D.C., and Los Angeles, CA
              • Handle large bursts in traffic, faster file transfers, and the potential for a higher number of concurrent connections with our Gigabit Ethernet Uplink Connection

              Let’s Start Planning Your Custom Dedicated Server Solution

              Chat with one of our friendly web hosting advisors for free consultation and guidance.


              SALES CHAT   888.321.HOST(4678)
              Adam was very knowledgeable about the products offered by InMotion and took the time to fully understand my company's needs. Prior to my call, I had done a lot of research on vendors providing Managed Dedicated Server plans, and InMotion continually stood out. My experience with Adam mirrored all of the positive reviews I had read, and I was very confident to place my order. I look forward to working with your team...and am surprised to say that when Adam offered his full name and direct number for support, that was the first time I had ever experience that with a hosting company. I anticipate is a sign of great things still to come.”
              Michael C.
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