WordPress VPS Hosting

High-Performance Managed WordPress UltraStack VPS

Give your WordPress website the benefit of dedicated resources. Enjoy the speed, reliability, and flexibility of your own Virtual Private Server.

Optimized Configurations available on VPS Hosting
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Are you hosting multiple websites for either yourself or your clients? Are you a designer or a freelancer?

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Do you want to build an eCommerce site with a large selection, multiple options, heavy traffic, or PCI compliance?

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Is your small business growing fast and you need to make sure that your website can meet your needs?

If any of the above describes your situation then you might be a good candidate for WordPress on VPS.

Hosting WordPress on VPS gives you the flexibility, security, and performance of having your own dedicated resources - without the cost of a dedicated server. Whether you are hosting multiple sites or have a site that needs a higher level of resources, our WordPress specific VPS UltraStack will give you lightning-fast load times, the reassurance of managed security, and both the service and tools to take your WordPress to the next level.